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Indian Railways (IR) is India's national railway system operated by the Ministry of Railways.It manages the fourth largest railway network in the world by size, with a route length of 67,368-kilometre (41,861 mi) and total track length of 121,407-kilometre (75,439 mi) as of March 2017. Signaling is Mechanism by which the station master conveys information to the Loco driver to Stop, Go with Caution or Proceed 2. railway presentation Ppt 1. Indian Railways do basically classify their Railway Stations based on the two parameters; 1. In order to protect lives and property at train stations, it is vital to quickly detect, locate, verify, and contain fires. The design of the station environment is governed by railway specific standards that are issued both by Network Rail and by the RSSB. The Indian Railway Network is one of the largest in the world, with over 8,000 stations nationwide. The main objective of this project was to study the behaviour of box type minor railway bridge when subjected to different combination of loads in terms of bending moment and Shear force variations. Railway STATION LAYOUT it 's Define of Railway Station • A Railway Station or a Railroad Station and often shortened to Just Station, is a Railway facility where trains regularly stop to load or unload passengers and/or freight/goods. Railway platform. In first type of machine, the track material carried by the material. Routes are electrified with 25 kV AC electric traction while 33% of them are double or multi-tracked. Railway station continues to be the focal point of central business district in all cities in the world. A railway platform is a section of pathway, alongside rail tracks at a railway station, metro station or tram stop, at which passengers may board or alight from trains or trams. Station Design Principles for Network Rail Document no. All description of rail business is transacted at the station, passengers start journey or complete it, outward parcels are booked and inward parcel consignments received and kept ready for delivery. 3 4 1 2 INTRODUCTION TO SIGNALING What is Signaling in Railways? Station halls can pose special challenges, with their crowds, high ceilings, large open areas, and considerable distances to emergency escape routes. Almost all rail stations have some form of platform, with larger stations having mult iple platforms. To facilitate identification, each railway station across the country is given a unique code, usually abbreviated from its name or similar. Train is delivered at the rail head and laid in the required position by means of projecting arm or mounted on the truck nearest to the rail head. 4 Unit development costs of a selection of recent or on‐going railway projects in Asia Country Distance (Km) Terrain/alignment New High Speed 350 km /hour 20.77 Passenger Rail 250 km /hour 14.01 New Urban Mass Transit Thailand Orange Line, Bangkok 35 Most underground 94.18 Railway (Metro) Viet Nam Ho Chi Minh City, Line 1 19.7 Some underground 55.40 What are the Types of Signaling Systems in Railways Time Interval Method Space Interval Method 3. BLDG-SP80-002 _____ Page 5 of 43 4 References A non-exhaustive list of legislation, standards and guidance notes are included in appendix B. • Railway vertical curves – old formula: L = D / R D = algebraic difference of grade (ft. per 100-ft. station) R = rate of change per 100-ft. station •0.05 ft. per station for crest on main track •0.10 ft. per station for sag on main track •Secondary line may be twice those for main line Light Rail Transit is a mode of passenger transportation utilizing a fixed guideway system based upon standard railway technology modified as necessary to comply with specific site All Railway Station Code pdf. At 2.0 The Role Of Light Rail Transit In Edmonton's Transportation System 2.1 Definition and Description of L.R.T. With about 8613 Railway Stations in India, it is quite necessary for the system to classify the railway stations for safer and meaningful operation. The material train moves forward on the assembled track and operation is repeated. IRCTC train station codes make it easy for anyone to buy tickets. There are two types of machines available. • To enable the trains on a single line track to cross from opposite directions.

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