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Outcome statements with an opportunity score greater than 10 represent the greatest opportunity for innovation success. This post introduces some methods of UX Research , like User testing and Micro-usability test . Many of us were taught to value research as the rigorous pursuit of truth, objectively distancing ourselves from the attitudes, emotions, desires of our teams. It was organized by the Initiative Fortbildung für wissenschaftliche Spezialbibliotheken und verwandte Einrichtungen and led by Andy Priestner.On day one we learned what UX is, what the status quo is in libraries and which methods can be used to study users. Working in close collaboration with core team members from Product Management and Engineering, User Experience should play a key role in the early stages of a product development project, adding value through generative user research, envisioning, ideation, requirements definition, and … Rather than blocking them until they can receive full support from a UX researcher, we will meet them where they are and give them the best tools to be successful in our absence. For each process step above, we determined how customers are defining success at that stage. During 2017 and 2018, dozens of agile teams went through a month-long transformation focusing on customer-centricity and adherence to agile practices. Thanks for reading! I don’t agree with those who believe that the goal of UX research is consistency in outcome, regardless of who is conducting the research. The research should be conducted in such a way keeping in mind who the user is, in what context they use a product and what they need from a product or service. Verify that the information provided is correct. For each project, we need to consider the potential for creating a powerful moment for our product team. The research team within Liberty Mutual’s UX department recently concluded a hefty study, and researcher Fallon Parker has a … The difference between research outcome and research impact is as simple as the difference between result and effect, conclusion and influence. We can no longer think of our role as being the exclusive pathway to customer learning. Mr. X now wants to understand how westernization has affected the culinary habits of his customers and what he must do to accommodate for the changing times. The views it expresses are the author’s own and do not reflect the official policy or position of Microsoft. 7. When presenting the outcome of your project, make sure to reflect back on the research findings you mentioned earlier. The Outcome Driven Innovation process, created by Anthony Ulwick of Strategyn, is appealing to a metrics-driven organization, such as ours, for a number of reasons. This approa… Andy Grove, the former head of Intel, pioneered an approach for aligning organizational intent and investments referred to as OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Through this co-experienced approach to learning, we’ll eliminate time spent on weighty, overproduced reports that are often ignored or viewed as marginally impactful. Also, try to make it easy for the reader to establish a connection between those two parts. The other lens to consider when evaluating the outcomes is by leveraging the Opportunity Score of each outcome statement. Analyze research sessions more than once. In April I spent two days in Cologne to participate in a User Experience (UX) Research Method Workshop at the city library. We achieve this by promoting psychological safety within our organizations and encouraging teams to experiment, try new methods of learning, and connect directly with their customers. As a community, we will empower them to do so by stretching the very definition of what it means to be a UX researcher. Selecting a method is an important first choice in measuring the user experience. The outcome of this change was that the products we shipped made a much more positive impact on users. Think-aloud– in which the user is asked to report on their ongoing experience of interaction with the product. Learning and understanding the context of a problem will give insight into what possible outcomes there are for the design. Unless you know what information people need and how they will use this information, it is premature to say whether or not a whitepaper or video is the correct solution. The most coveted guides enable moments that last a lifetime. UX research also helped at the end of a cycle to validate whether the features built during the sprint solved the intended user problems. The evidence we’ve achieved the outcome often comes from our research. 3. This phenomenon is not limited to Microsoft. Such is the case with this co-experienced objective. In this phase, make prototypes and test their usability. At first, this co-experiencing model may sound time consuming or difficult to scale. Read more: How is Voice Experience Shaping the Future of UX Design It is also essential to choose the correct research approach for a product at the correct time. Lastly, join 1-2 user experience research organizations, such as theUser Experience Research Professionals Association or the Design Research Society to see if there are any upcoming events you can attend. Modifying the prototype and running another round of usability tests costs less than fixing things in a developed software. Just as a safari guide would never take a team member’s camera away from them as they take their first picture of an elephant, we shouldn’t dominate control of the microphone during any form of customer research. That’s a cornerstone of any product’s UX design. We must maintain a lockstep relationship with them, helping them gain the insights they need, when they need them. Sharing our expertise doesn’t put us out of a job. It’s through this empowerment and co-experiencing model that we will multiply our impact and become an increasingly essential part of our teams’ product-making process. The future of UX research is a wide umbrella that continues to attract a variety of talents and expertise. Responsibilities: Quickly synthesize business objectives and customer needs. Identifying assumptions, formulating them into hypotheses, and running experiments is in our DNA. Identify where the application fails to support user outcomes or what needs to be done to support them. In this new reality, UX researchers may be asking themselves, “If everyone is responsible for connecting with and learning from customers, then what’s my job?”. We will remain one step ahead, ready to offer them feedback on their approach and introduce the latest techniques our discipline has to offer. UX design activities go hand in hand with UX research. Both the UX researcher and the safari guide want to create an indelible experience for their teams. The future reality of working in cross-functional teams means that we can no longer “own the voice of the customer.” Quite frankly, no CEO, VP, general manager, program manager, marketer, engineer, designer, or researcher has ever owned it. So, UX research is capturing user needs, pains, and behaviors through different observation and feedback collection methods. To that end, the following are a set of belonging cues that highlight the values, attitudes, and behaviors to which we should collectively aspire. Discovery stage. Participatory Design in the Age of the Internet, “Only those who expect something next year will plant an onion this year.”, Design Thinking: A Thought Experiment to Address Politics, Addiction, and Climate Change. We must develop our understanding and empathy for both communities and seek to develop experiences that empower both to achieve more than they ever thought possible. UX research generally falls into this category as it focuses on understanding the users, their interaction and experience with products and eliminates any assumptions bound to a product. For each process step of the JTBD, we wanted to know how a customer could be sure they had successfully completed that step. The field of user experience has a wide range of research methods available, ranging from tried-and-true methods such as lab-based usability studies to those that have been more recently developed, such as unmoderated online UX assessments.. When it comes to storytelling and case studies, it is crucial to explicitly connect the research and the final outcome. Design APIs like you design User Experience, Tel Aviv, a showcase for Modernist architecture, Why Design Researchers Should Compensate Participants, Injecting Strategy into the In-House Product Design Lifecycle, Designers, please stop presenting your work with rounded corners, How Designers Are Using Their Skills to Help Industries Hit Hard by COVID-19, A method for leveraging qualitative and quantitative user data, A prescriptive form allowing for direct comparison across user needs. This article is an opinion editorial. However, as practitioners we can no longer hold on to this as our exclusive purview. Good research requires a certain level of detachment. Question 5: What is the Outcome of the Research? This requires us to revisit our purpose within our organizations. The core skillset of the UX research discipline has always included the ability to engage with, learn from, and empathize with customers. Ideas now take shape for life. This is where the data from the recent benchmark study came in. Rolf Molich has demonstrated an apparent lack of consistency in his Comparative Usability Evaluation (CUE) studies, which currently number ten. In the new fast-moving world of our product teams, we will rely on continuous conversations over punctuated documentation as our primary means of communicating. After finishing a research session one of the first things I do is write a summary. Up until this point, our research had been largely qualitative. Figure 1 shows the scope of our research, which is design-inclusive UX research. That’s what makes this type of research so exciting. ... Card sorting is a UX research method in which users organize topic cards into categories in a way that makes sense to them. This visual representation of the data allowed us to craft our innovation strategy. For example, for a B2B website, an output could be whitepapers and demonstration videos. Experio is a research, innovation and user experience design company that uses human centred design methodology to help businesses grow through client centric thinking. Your research and product teams will need to work closely together to focus on the improvements that … In some respects, this co-experience model of learning flies in the face of what we were taught by our professors and mentors. Just like the safari guide, the goal of the UX researcher is to empower product teams so they feel equipped, safe, confident, and energized. These future UX researchers will avoid isolating themselves in their labs; they’ll want to be in constant contact with their product teams. Researchers don’t deliver the voice of the customer; researchers enable everyone to speak and to hear the voice of the customer. To follow this mission, we have put a number of design thinking methodologies into practice. It once again emphasizes the idea that user experience is a combination of multiple components and if you want to create a truly amazing product, those components need to work together in perfect harmony. In her 2019 keynote address at the Mind the Product conference in San Francisco, Tricia Wang had a terrific response to this question: “In a cross-functional world, researchers move from being methodology gurus to discovery guides. When you conduct user research through methods like survey or interview, it is a process of user-centered design aiming to improve the experience of users for products and services. Not all projects will create the same level of insight and connection to a customer, so we can make resourcing decisions by looking at the potential for us to create impact-filled moments for the product team: Essentially, we will engage projects that have the highest potential for direct product team participation. 4 Journal of Usability Studies Vol. The role of the multiplier is not one who excludes others, but rather seeks ways to continually bring others along on the journey of learning. Our product teams’ hunger for customer data and insights is increasing. Put simply, there is more demand for customer insights than there are UX researchers to uncover them. The research learning spiral is a five-step process for conducting user research, originated by Erin Sanders at Frog. This ensured we kept the customer at the center of the process. A key evolutionary step for us is to figure out how to scale the application of these skills to meet the newfound demand. Receive an online homeowners’ insurance quote. Let’s just say I’m blessed that there is so much Excel expertise around me. UX RESEARCH PORTFOLIO: FORMAT + EXAMPLES I just found a of a resource about how to put together your #uxresearch #portfolio by Karina Hickey. Encouraged by the success of the workshops, I approached a Senior UX Design Director and a Senior Director of Product within the Digital Group to pitch the process and, more importantly, a pilot. This is the stage where a stakeholder just has the vision of a new business concept or a product. Definition: A discovery is a preliminary phase in the UX-design process that involves researching the problem space, framing the problem(s) to be solved, and gathering enough evidence and initial direction on what to do next. We should seek opportunities to hand over the microphone (both physically and metaphorically) to our product teams and encourage them to get involved in learning from the customer. One of the most compelling arguments for UX research is that it can directly impact revenue. Research can also take the form of looking at competitors’ products. For example, how craftsmen use different types of tools depending upon the result or outcome he wants, in the same way, researchers choose “UX research methods” based on the goal or output of the study. Our home is not in the halls of scientific inquiry; it’s in the ever-shifting front lines of product making. As we apply this maxim internally, we’ll be looking for UX researchers with a growth mindset and an innate desire to co-experience learning with anyone, regardless of discipline or background.

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