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In the technological world we live in, one of the greatest methods to acquire big customers base in travel industry is mobile applications. In order to succeed, the businesses vying for those customers have to use apps to their advantage as well. Mobile app for your hospitality business can provide fast and effective information about your hotel to your guest. Mobile hotel apps are indeed redefining the guest experience. Since 1999, Dubai’s hotel industry has been on a rapid and amazing growth. The first step for hotels is to have a mobile website where clients could easily access all information about your hotel, the second step is having a mobile app that offers a better opportunity to create a close connection with your guests. Together they form 15 most successful hotel apps. With a hotel mobile app in place, your hotel’s top-level managers can get quick access to detailed reports. The app lets you look for bargains, track rewards points and manages reservations for hotels as it gives you access to 200,000 hotels in 200 countries. Picture this: A guest who has had a long journey would find filling up forms at the front desk a tedious task. Along with the primary features of booking and concierge services, the W Hotels app gives its users other cool features like image-sharing that lets users take photos and share them directly using the app. In this blog, we have discussed top advantages of having mobile apps for travel & tourism industry. You can seek guest feedback that gives you a window to improve your hotel’s performance. So let’s start. The hotel industry therefore must constantly evolve to ensure that guest satisfaction is at the top of the agenda. A mobile app is guaranteed to make life easier but there is still resistance from hotel owners and managers to build one for their business. Also, cheap hotels in Dubai add bonus to the hotel industry. Tired of finding the remote control of your Television set in your room? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Create a free website or blog at Mandarin Oriental Hotels’ app lets its users make and modify reservations, see property details of each location using 3D globe view and view local city guides. It comprises of 254 hotels and 124 hotel apartments, offering a total of 25,188 room keys. It also allows ordering room service. In this digital age smartphones are everywhere and for any task, you can think of, an app exists to perform it. The first step for hotels is to have a mobile website where clients could easily access all information about your hotel, the second step is having a mobile app that offers a better opportunity to create a close connection with your guests. These applications are used by travellers in order to seek and make reservations for the hotel rooms. No matter what service or product, you will have access to it via an app on your mobile. The mobile app development industry is witnessing a plethora of trends that are set to change its future drastically. Advantages of Mobile Apps for a Hotel: 1. The industry is also overly reliant on the government; everything from potential tax reform to travel bans can cause the industry to crumble. – Travel & tourism industry apps rank 7th among the most downloaded category of apps – 30% people use mobile apps for searching flight deals, best hotels etc. Here in this app, you can find best hotels deals and prices. The world is going mobile and if you haven’t yet upgraded your hotel to one, let’s find out why you need to do it, now! As the hotel industry is growing rapidly, the urge and need to cope up with new and trendy ways to … In today’s competitive business environment hotels have to adopt every means to have an edge over other contenders and a key weapon in their arsenal is technology. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. More Preference is Given to Mobile Sites. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Up to 80% of last-minute bookings are made on mobile devices, 2. In this article, we provide the benefits of a good mobile app for the hotel industry and to consumers: Benefits for Hotels and Guests 1. Here is the list: 1) Potent Marketing Tool apps for tourism It can help in saving hefty fees linked with app creation, as well as its maintenance. And adding charm to it is the service and comfort of the hotel in which an individual stays. Marriott Hotels app lets its users check into their hotel a day before their arrival any time after 4 pm. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But, how can you ensure faster and prompt guest service? 5. The Significance of Mobile Apps In The Hospitality Industry Guests and customers use apps every day to find deals, make reservations, read reviews and find places to spend their money. But as today’s generation is more gadget-oriented, so the trend of booking a room in a hotel has also been digitalized. Mobile hotel apps are a must to engage and retain the new-age traveler. Also, it allows the users to order anything they like to a guest room as a treat even if the ones having the same are not guests at the hotel. Best Mobile Apps For Hotel Industry. Mobile apps are taking over the world with no matter what industry or sector. The conversion rate on app is 5 times higher than on mobile web, You can view all the KPIs of your hotel in one-view so you always stay on top of your business. For guests who want to use their devices to customize and organize their hotel experience, there can be fewer direct interaction points with staff, meaning there is more opportunity to allocate labor to other operational areas. The associated industry is all set to provide efficient services and the hotel apps help in the same. 1. Today’s guests expect to use their smartphones to perform a variety of tasks including hotel bookings, check-ins and more. : members of the Hilton loyalty program can find and book rooms at over 5,000 Hilton properties worldwide from the in-app promotions. Travelling is something that every individual loves. Not to worry. That’s saying a lot! While every hotel may find a different way to deliver a mobile experience to guests (via apps, kiosks, mobile concierge, etc. A recent invention to hasten the check in process has been implemented by Marriott Hotels by launching Mobile check in. 1. Some of the most important things that you can manage from the Hotelogix Mobile app PMS for hotels are: Now, let’s dive into the benefits that await you when you sign up for the Hotelogix Mobile app. Consumers are looking to save money and time by researching and booking their hotel stays online and on mobile apps. Check guests in or out from the convenience of your mobile phone. This acts as a multi-channel communication tool where in guests can place their requests, order food and do much more. The app lets you to speed up your hotel operations with detailed view of hotel position, no matter if you are on the go. The travel industry is finally starting to recognise the all encompassing nature of mobile devices within the guest booking journey. The growth in the hotel industry is the most significant in Dubai as it has been gaining a lot of tourist attention. The Conrad Concierge app allows the users to order room service, arrange airport transportation, book hotel spa treatments and choose the kind of bath amenities they want stocked in their bathroom. The hotel industry is experiencing major competition with corporations like Airbnb, which offer a variety of rooms for cheaper than the average hotel room. Welcome to the new era of mobile apps in the hospitality industry. The hotel industry has revolutionized itself and serves millions of people globally. Would a visitor book a room at your property for the second visit? As customer service holds utmost value in the hotel industry, the necessity to engage, interact and attract is vital. Some of the cheap hotels in Dubai which are affordable and known for their amazing service are: Looks like it’s time to take a trip to Dubai and have a look at all its specialties. For new customers, they help to position your brand as current and customer-focused. ( Log Out /  Brand loyalty is one of the ways to ensure you have a steady stream of repeat visitors. Mobile apps are being used constantly by the industry to provide better service to their customers. The mobile app for hospitality industry provides notifications in seconds with information related to room check-in, welcome message, booking details, places to visit, and more. The apps built by Mobiversal have been downloaded more than 1.000.000 times, some of them being featured on media outlets like ABC, FOX News, New York Post, PC World or … You can use the analytics to understand what guests want, where you need to improve, your peak seasons, and more. Waiting near the front desk, to submit ID proofs before check-in is a time-consuming thing which many guests would not like. A mobile app would easily help you find out pending guest requests that need immediate action. Use the mobile hotel app to allow bookings, and to offer instant loyalty program rewards. The significance of mobile apps is definitely large for guest satisfaction. With the Hotelogix Mobile app for Hotels, you can carry out a good chunk of your day-to-day activities from the convenience of your smartphone. Mobile technology plays a vital role in the hotel industry, and will only become more prevalent in future years. Guests are looking for convenience at their fingertips. ( Log Out /  The Need Of The Hour: Why Hotels Must Upgrade Their Technology To Recover, Winning Back Your Hotel Business in COVID times, 1. The key lies in creating a smooth experience. We see apps everywhere and for everything. The significance of mobile hotel apps has grown rapidly in the recent times with more and more hotels turning to them. There’s more than enough evidence for the hospitality industry to use mobile apps, and some hotels have already started and are successfully doing it. There is something in it for everyone. Considering the fact, that hospitality and hotel industry are posing new challenges for the owners, the hotel mobile apps will offer you the best of opportunities to connect with the tourists staying in your hotel.

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